Company Overview

Fukuda X'tal Laboratory (fxL) was founded in January, 2002 .FxL is located in the Intelligent Cosmos Research Institute(ICR) in Minami-Yoshinari, Sendai. The laboratory began operating in April, 2002 and started business with Mr. Fukuda as President.

There are a total of 25 people on staff: 4 council members, 10 employees and 11 visiting researchers.

fxL is working on a NEDO project in cooperation with Tohoku University, making fluoride crystals and oxide crystals for use in scintillators with the added support of the Japan Science and Technology Agency.
An application has been lodged for work on fiber crystals as well, and this work is already being supported.

The following furnaces are installed in our laboratory: a CZ furnace for 12inch fluoride crystal growth, a CZ furnace for 4 inch fluoride crystal growth, a CZ furnace for 1"fluoride crystal growth, CZ furnaces for 3 inch oxide crystal growth and a -PD furnaces for fiber crystal growth.

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